Dispatches from Babyville

Holy crap, we have a baby!

Lots of new pictures October 5, 2009

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Lots of people have been asking for new pictures. Sorry, guys! Things have gotten really busy at our house now that Darren is in the middle of the fall semester, so we haven’t had a lot of time to post. To make up for it, here are a bunch of pictures.

River got a nice box with new clothes from her Nanny and Poppa. She thought that the tissue paper was the actual present, though. She really enjoyed playing with it.

tissue paper is fun

so fun!

The clothes were very cute too!

new outfit

She got big enough to wear the hoodie that Mimi and Grandpa Mike gave her before she was born. Offspring of Michigan alumni, represent!

michigan hoodie

The Moby Wrap is still one of her favorite places to nap:

behold the magic of the moby wrap

She tries to chomp on everything and hasn’t yet figured out that not everything will fit in her mouth:

chomping on inappropriate objects

She’s been trying out her new high chair and sippy cup, as well as a very tasty teether:

carrot teether

And because some have requested pictures with a closeup of her face:



She pretty much just keeps getting cuter.


By popular request

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So far, River’s laughs have been kind of like Bigfoot: rumored to exist, but difficult to capture on video. But now, I present to you, by popular request, actual video of this elusive phenomenon. (I hope she still thinks that helping Mama fold sheets is this fun when she’s older.)


Look what River just learned to do! September 17, 2009

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And no, the Boppy isn’t propping her up. It’s just there to keep her from bonking her head when she tips over. 🙂

Yesterday she could only sit on her own for like three seconds. She somehow got a lot better at it overnight.

Pretty cool, huh?


Baby snuggles make everybody’s life better June 10, 2009

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This is the kind of thing I get to see around our house all the time. Seriously, it makes my life so much sweeter that I get to walk back into my bedroom after my shower in the morning and see things like this.


I just love “baby snuggling with Daddy” pictures.


River likes to smile June 8, 2009

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smiles times



Just a quick post to share more pictures May 22, 2009

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River LOVES going on hikes with her dad, and he LOVES taking her with him. When they go on hikes, I usually stay home and take the opportunity to get some much-needed sleep.


Our household is slowly adjusting to having a new member. The cats still aren’t huge fans of River, though. They’re totally jealous of her.


We took her to the Buddha’s Birthday celebration of our local Zen group. She was definitely the littlest kid there (except for the statue of the Baby Buddha).


She sleeps really well, as long as she’s within touching distance of Mom or Dad. She will roll onto her side so that she can face me while she sleeps. And in the morning, we get to have great family cuddle time.


I don’t know who these clothing manufacturers are or why they had such gigantic babies, but these pants are supposed to fit 0-3 month olds. On River (who now weighs over 10 pounds) they are pretty ridiculous.


We found out last week that River has hip dysplasia in her left hip, so she has to wear a harness for a couple months to reshape her hip socket. It turns out that for first-born girls who are breech and have a family history of hip dysplasia (which apparently there is in my extended family, although I don’t know the details of that) the risk is pretty high–1 in 30. Luckily her hip isn’t all that bad. The socket is just a little too shallow and the head of the femur is sitting a bit too loosely in the socket. River’s orthopedic doc, who fitted her for this harness on Monday, says to plan on having her wear the harness for three months, but it might be shorter than that, depending on what we find out at the monthly ultrasounds to check on the progress. River isn’t a huge fan of the harness, so we’ve had a tough week, but she’s gradually getting used to it and accepting that she has to wear it.

Also, in this picture note her awesome tie-dyed onesie that her mama made for her. 🙂



New pictures of the baby! February 1, 2009

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At my appointment on Thursday, I had another ultrasound and got some really nice pictures of the baby. There’s also a video of the entire 20-minute ultrasound session, but apparently it’s impossible for me to post clips from it so everyone can see. (This is what I get for not living near Dmitri or Nicole anymore–I have no doubt that one of them could manage it, but I’m sadly incapable.)

Anyway, I do have some photos to share! I got very clear visual confirmation that she is indeed a girl, but it seems kind of inappropriate to post crotch shots of my kid on the internet, so y’all will have to take it on faith. I am, however, happy to share pictures of her non-private parts. 🙂 The kiddo kept her arm up by her face the entire time, but at least in this picture you can see almost all of her face:

so cute!

We also got our first look at her “grumpy face,” which I’m sure we’ll be seeing a lot of in the years to come. It’s hard to tell exactly what she’s going to look like, but even the ultrasound tech said, “She sure doesn’t have your nose!” And yeah, I can’t deny that when she makes her grumpy face she looks just like her dad:


But check it out, it looks like she got my feet, complete with weirdly long toes and a second toe that’s longer than the big toe:


In other news, we’ve been working on decorating her room. I got some really cool pictures from the Etsy shop Elegant Snobbery to hang on the wall.There will be sock monkeys above the dresser to look at while we change diapers:


There are three more sock monkey pictures that will be hung on the opposite wall, but I haven’t decided exactly where yet. They’re pretty cute, though. I especially love the one where the sock monkey knight made friends with the dragon:

more monkeys

Next up: I need to buy some sock monkey fabric to make curtains and rocking-chair cushions.