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Holy crap, we have a baby!

Still breech March 25, 2009

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Well, River is still a little confused about which direction is supposed to be up. But she can’t help it, since she’s just a baby and she’s just doing her best. We still have a while to unconfuse her, so I’m spending quality time with my saint of a chiropractor almost every day. If she hasn’t turned by next week, we’ll look at having a doc try to manually turn her the week after that. There’s a good chance that would involve an epidural and an immediate induction if they are successful in getting her to turn, so it would still mean missing out on the natural birth we’ve been planning for. For now, we’re just going to keep doing what we can to get her to turn on her own.


Argh March 17, 2009

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Today at my appointment I learned that since last week, River has flipped and is now breech. At 36 weeks, that is not a good thing! No one here in town will do a breech vaginal birth, so if we can’t get her to flip back around, that means a C-section. Call me crazy, but I’d rather not have to have major abdominal surgery, especially right before going home with a newborn.

There are a bunch of things we can and will do to encourage her to move back into a good position. One of them involves me having to lie on an ironing board propped against the couch so that my hips are higher than my head, which should be kind of an awkward maneuver in my present ungainly state. There’s also a chiropractor here in town who apparently has a pretty good success rate at getting breech babies to turn. Some people say that acupuncture can be effective, so we might give that a try. And if in a few weeks she still hasn’t turned, we can try having an OB do an external version (basically pushing and pulling on the baby from the outside to try to turn her). The disadvantage of that is that it sometimes causes babies to go into distress, which would mean an immediate emergency C-section.

So can everyone please think positive baby-turning thoughts for us? I know a C-section wouldn’t be the end of the world, but I will be so disappointed if I don’t get to have the natural childbirth I’ve always wanted. 😦


It’s a girl! November 17, 2008

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Yes folks, today we learned that we’re having a baby girl. The ultrasound tech swears this is the picture where you can tell:


And she has a tiny foot! Two of them, in fact, although you can only see one here:


Here’s a profile shot, with her skinny little knee up by her nose:


And check out her sweet little face:


Sorry for the slightly-out-of-focus pictures of pictures, but it’s the best our camera could do and we couldn’t wait to post these. 🙂

They measured her arms and legs, checked out the parts of her brain, made sure her heart looked right, and checked a bunch of other stuff that I can’t remember right now. Everything was completely normal, and our little girl looks very healthy.


Well, here’s a belly pic October 30, 2008

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At the latest prenatal appointment this afternoon, I heard the kiddo’s heartbeat (very healthy, around 130 beats per minute). I also made the appointment for going back to get our next ultrasound, which will be Monday, 11/17. If all goes well and Junior decides to cooperate, we will get to find out whether we should be picking out our favorite girl names or boy names.

I was going to post baby belly pics, but it turns out that I’m too shy and just think I mostly look chubby, not pregnant. So far I don’t think anybody else would look at me and think I look pregnant. I have to say, Darren’s baby belly is WAY more impressive than mine is:

baby belly

Maybe in another few months I’ll be able to give him some competition. 🙂 (And to be fair, he’s working hard in that picture to stick his belly out. He really doesn’t need to cut down on the nachos or anything. Well, maybe a little bit.)


Latest prenatal appointment, and baby’s growing wardrobe October 10, 2008

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Yesterday I went to our latest prenatal appointment. I got to hear the kiddo’s heart! Junior sounds very healthy, with a nice strong heartbeat. From head to butt, Junior is now about three inches long.

I’ve also been starting to buy clothes for the baby. For those of you who haven’t done it in a while (or ever!), let me just say, buying baby clothes is so fun. Yesterday at Goodwill I bought the tiniest t-shirt I have ever seen in my life. I know it will fit a newborn, but I can’t really believe a human being can wear such a tiny shirt. Anyway, here are some of my recent purchases. An organic cotton sleep sack that is so soft and sweet:


I’m noticing that, aside from the sleepsack, a robot theme is emerging in Junior’s wardrobe. It’s probably because Auntie Nicole’s influence over me is so strong, but I just couldn’t resist this silly robot:

And I think these B-boy Dance Bots are so funny:


I know, these all look like “boy” clothes, but little girls don’t have to just wear pink, right? They are perfectly entitled to enjoy all the robot-themed baby clothes the world has to offer. So these clothes will work no matter what kind of plumbing the kiddo turns out to have.

I’m also collecting white onesies and shirts (like the aforementioned tiny shirt from Goodwill) and am planning to tie-dye them once I’ve collected a bunch. I’ll post pictures once that project is complete. 🙂


We saw our baby! September 15, 2008

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Last Thursday, we went for our second appointment with our midwife, Sharon. We had the first ultrasound, and now I proudly present the first picture of what Sharon promises us is our baby:

first baby picture

The baby is exactly in the center of the photo (at the bottom left of the big black circly-looking thing, which I’m told is the inside of my uterus). I know he/she doesn’t look like much, but come on! It’s hard to look impressive when you’re only as big as a dried apricot. We saw the heartbeat, and the entire baby wiggled a couple of times while we were peeking.

Also, let’s just stop and be blown away by the fact that this is a picture of INSIDE ME. Wow.


Our first midwife appointment August 29, 2008

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Yesterday we went in for our first prenatal appointment. So far everything seems to be going well, and filling out all the forms for the first appointment made me realize again just how healthy and low-risk we are. We’re going back in two weeks for the first ultrasound to measure the baby and make sure there’s only one hanging out in there!

Our midwife, Sharon, seems awesome and has a great reputation. She didn’t freak out about the fact that we don’t eat meat, which for a medical person always wins points with me. The practice we’re going to has a great reputation for low levels of intervention and a lot of respect for how you want your labor to be. It’s one doctor and one midwife, and they’ll have another doctor and midwife joining the practice this fall. I’m excited to work with a midwife because they have the philosophy that pregnancy and birth are normal physiological processes, not complications waiting to happen. Midwives also spend much more time in the room with you while you’re in labor instead of just coming in to catch the baby. Studies show that women who have continuous support during labor have shorter labors with less likelihood of complications, so that’s definitely good.

The hospital where we’ll go to have the baby sounds great. You can labor in a birthing pool, which is supposed to be great for pain relief, and as long as there aren’t any major problems, the baby stays with you in the same room instead of being taken away to a nursery. Sharon is also working on possibly getting the hospital to allow waterbirths (where you actually give birth in the pool rather than having to get out of the tub when the baby is coming out–totally safe for the baby since the umbilical cord is still delivering oxygen), so maybe by the time our little one arrives we’ll have that option.

Overall I think we’ve got about the best possible arrangement for prenatal care and birthing. And in two weeks we should have the first baby pictures for everyone to look at!