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Vacation in Oregon May 23, 2010

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The highlights and lowlights of the trip.

1.  River’s first plane ride with no crying.

2.  Riv tripped on the moving walkway in the airport and it ripped one of her finger nails off.

3.  Riv’s first trip to the ocean.

4.  It rains ALL the time in Oregon.

5.  We got to see Rob, Nicole, and Holly.

6.  We got to see lots of plants and tree which we don’t have in Colorado.

7.  All three of us were sick and Riv got an ear infection.

8.  We got to cook and eat dinner with all our friends just like we did in Madison.

The ocean is soooo big!



Oregon is bursting with life


At Nicole’s house in Eugene



Worn out with a fever and ear infection after the trip



One Response to “Vacation in Oregon”

  1. melinda Says:

    i love your Oregon pics, but i’m mostly thinking about your visit here that ended today. i really am missing a cuddle with River tonight. i’m missing you too, Kristin. i’ve definitely been in a funk since you guys left. Henry was SO crabby today from missing River, too. but, he also stood by himself for 7 seconds and walked while only holding on to one of my hands, so she taught us a lot while she was here. i hope your Madison visit and the rest of your trip go well.

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