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Happy Easter! April 4, 2010

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River had fun this morning investigating her Easter basket. This isn’t really her first Easter, but since she was only two days old on Easter last year, the Easter Bunny didn’t put anything in her basket. However, her Nanny (my mom) gave her a beautiful Longaberger Easter basket, so she was all ready for the Easter Bunny this year.

“Look, Dad! There’s a bunch of stuff in here, and it’s all for ME!”

“Well, I GUESS I have enough hair now to need a cute brush and comb.”
new brush

“This new sunhat is pretty cool, but I don’t think I need to wear it inside, Mama.”
new hat

“Thanks for the new dress, it really is nice, but honestly I just can’t wait to try out the toothbrushes.”
Easter basket


One Response to “Happy Easter!”

  1. wow! she looks so big! Henry got some sand toys and a wooden car for Easter. oops, gotta go. he’s trying to crawl into the broiler on the oven.

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