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This child certainly enjoys her food March 27, 2010

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We continue to be amazed by what a wide variety of foods River likes to eat. She doesn’t always eat large amounts; she’s still an enthusiastic little nurser and gets a lot of nutrition from breastmilk. But she is happy to eat a surprising selection of solid foods as well. Broccoli, carrots, and peppers are favorites, as well as fried rice, Thai coconut milk curry, veggie and bean soups, whole grain bread, squash, tofu, blueberries, and tangerines. The other day I looked over at her and saw this:

enjoying her food

She had easily consumed almost all of the lentils, veggies, and brown rice on her tray and was busy gnawing on part of a very strongly flavored blackstrap gingersnap. Her table manners may not be the best yet (hey, what do you expect, she can’t even use a spoon yet!), but she has quite a sophisticated palate for an 11-month-old.


3 Responses to “This child certainly enjoys her food”

  1. Mimi Says:

    Just keep feeding her all kinds of food like you are already doing. She will be a gourmand for life.

    Love the nice new front teeth, River!

  2. how many teeth does she have now?

  3. Kristin Says:

    She has four teeth that are all the way in, two that are just poking through the gums, and another one that is right below the surface. Luckily, she has not been biting lately, although she did go through a biting phase a month or so ago. I’m glad it was a short phase–I was threatening to wean her if she didn’t quit it.

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