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Holy crap, we have a baby!

Doing new things February 13, 2010

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Here are some new things Riv is up to:
1. Standing on her own for up to 15 seconds.
2. Playing catch with a plastic ball on the floor.
3. Walking while holding on to the chair.
4. Getting really good at feeding herself.
5. Making music in the bathtub.


Its Blue Steel!

Christmas with the Neubauers.



2 Responses to “Doing new things”

  1. Gina Says:

    soooooooooo cute, i can’t stand it!! i wish Chris and I could see you guys before Riv has her first baby. 😦 I am excited to see you all in June, though!

  2. Jen Says:

    Cute pics Krissie!

    Liam was very excited to see one of him as well:-)

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