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Holy crap, we have a baby!

This baby is so happy January 23, 2010

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River is such a happy, bright, curious baby, and it brings so much joy to my life to spend every day with her. She gets really excited when I get the camera out. She really, really wants to play with it, but she’ll have to wait until she’s older.

huge grin

She is also enjoying being able to stand up whenever she wants. One of her favorite places to stand is by the glass door in the kitchen so she can look out and see what’s going on in the back yard.

happy happy

Food is also a source of great delight for River. She loves broccoli, tofu, whole wheat toast, soup, blueberries…. She loves clementines so much that the other day when I peeled one to share with her, I was just going to cut up a couple of sections into small pieces for her, but while I was doing that, she grabbed half of the clementine and shoved it in her mouth. She didn’t quite manage to eat all of it, but all that was left when she was done was mangled shreds.

yummy orange


2 Responses to “This baby is so happy”

  1. i love that last picture of her. so earnest.

  2. Lindsay Says:

    I love that baby SOOOO much!!! What a cutie pie!!!!

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