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Independent locomotion has been achieved! January 4, 2010

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River spent weeks and weeks trying to figure out how to crawl. The difficulties were numerous and varied. First, she couldn’t quite manage to get her belly off the floor. Then, once she figured out that the easiest way to get into crawling position was to lunge forward while sitting, she kept getting one foot stuck under her. For a while, she would see something she wanted, get into crawling position, and only manage to scoot backward, always moving further and further away from the object of her desire. Then she learned the right way to move her hands forward, but she didn’t understand how to move her knees.

All of these weeks of persistent effort resulted in a very frustrated baby. Finally, just after we got to her Uncle Joel and Aunt Jen’s house for Christmas, the light dawned! Within in a few days, she was crawling all over the place. She’s so proud and happy that she can move around under her own power!


3 Responses to “Independent locomotion has been achieved!”

  1. Henry watched the video for tips. He can’t get on his hands and knees yet, so we have a little time.

  2. Mimi Says:


  3. Libby Says:

    This made me giggle. She looks so proud of herself! And so excited! SUPERCUTE. 🙂

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