Dispatches from Babyville

Holy crap, we have a baby!

We are living with a rolling-crazed baby September 5, 2009

Filed under: Uncategorized — My Athletic Life @ 7:03 pm

River now seems to believe that she is way too cool to spend even a measly minute hanging out on her back. No, that is for those sad, sad babies who have not yet learned to roll. She doesn’t look down on them–really, she feels sorry for them. Not for her the helplessness of those long moments of staring up at the ceiling. No, the carpet is much more fun to stare at. No piece of carpet lint, no matter how small, escapes her scrutiny. Well, no piece of carpet lint that is within a ten-inch radius, as that is how far she can reach.

Of course, life would be still better if she could remember how to roll from her stomach onto her back again. The problem with rolling onto her back is that then she is on her back, and no more rolling is possible until one of the grownups takes pity on her and puts her on her stomach again. Ah well, many of life’s sweetest pleasures are, alas, fleeting.


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