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How do you function when babies won’t sleep? August 15, 2009

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We have been having trouble getting River to sleep. She is always tried but she won’t sleep. People say you have to sleep when the baby sleeps, but here is the problem. She will only sleep if she is moving around. So we can’t sleep while she sleeps because we have to be up moving her around. Sometimes it takes a hour to get her to sleep then we set her down and she wakes up after 15 minutes, so frustrating. Last night I was so tried, but I knew Kristin was more tried since she has to feed her all the time. It was getting bad so I decided something had to be done. Kristin can’t sleep if River is crying ANYWHERE in the house. So I decided me and River would have to leave the house. Since it was already about 9:30 pm there wasn’t really anywhere to go to hang out with her. So I decided to just drive into the mountains where there were quiet long roads with no stop lights. I decided I was just going to drive as long as a could until River had to breast feed again so Kristin could finally sleep peacefully. I ended up driving to Breckenridge! This is a ski resort town way up in the mountains at about 10,500 feet. You have to cross over three mountain passes to get there and it is a three hour drive from our house. I got there about 12:30am, turned around and drove back to get home at about 3:30am. Then I tried to feed her with the frozen breast milk in our freezer, but she wouldn’t take it, so I gave her back to Kristin and went to sleep in the guest room. All this and school hasn’t even started yet. What happens when classes start and I have to be working all the time?

Look at this goofy kid, see has no idea what she is doing to us!!



2 Responses to “How do you function when babies won’t sleep?”

  1. Mimi Says:

    so did she actually sleep in the car??

  2. funkneubauer Says:

    Yes, she did. The 6 hours we were in the car she slept about 5 hours and 15 minutes.

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