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Holy crap, we have a baby!

Guest blogger: Auntie Nicole June 28, 2009

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River has been having a great time this week with Auntie Nicole (yours truly). At least, I think she has. She’s been smiling a lot, especially under certain circumstances:

* When she fills her diaper—loudly—right when we start eating. Ha ha!

* When she sneezes in my face. Whee!

* This one time when Kristin had just left to buy diapers, and River spat up with explosive force, soaking her bib, shirt, shorts, socks (!) and the seat beyond her feet (!!!). She was also due for a diaper change, which was extraordinarily messy. We were cleaning up for a loooong time, and when Kristin got home her baby was wearing a completely different outfit—and a huge grin.

So my first impression is that River is a phenomenal prankster. Fortunately, her good sense of humor also allows her to tolerate my inexperience at, well, everything baby-related. What a patient and sweet baby! We’re going to have a lot of good times as she grows.


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