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We must be doing something right April 25, 2009

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River went in for her two-week well baby visit yesterday. When she was born, she weighed 7 pounds 4 ounces, but by the time she was three days old she only weighed 6 pounds 8 ounces. (It’s totally normal for newborns to lose weight for the first couple of days.) Yesterday at the doctor’s office she weighed all of 8 pounds! Yay! I’m so proud that she’s growing well. She’s starting to be able to wear some of her 0-3 month size clothes without falling out of them, and some of the newborn size clothes are getting snug. She’s just big enough to start wearing her cloth diapers–the disposable diapers are making her skin kind of red.

We’re continuing to hone our baby-wrangling skills. The current routine is to have someone who’s not me watch the baby the first part of the night (usually about 10 or 11pm until around 2am) so that I can get a few solid hours of sleep. If the baby’s next to me, I wake up with every little snort, grunt, or sniffle, even if she’s sound asleep, so it helps a lot to have her with someone else for a few hours. (God bless Darren’s mom, who has done baby-wrangling duty for the first part of the night every night this week.) Then she comes to me when she’s ready for her next feeding, and she stays with me the rest of the night. Sometimes she sleeps once her belly is full of milk, and sometimes she doesn’t. That’s what makes the difference between mild and complete exhaustion the next day.

Taking care of a newborn is really tiring, but it’s all worth it when I look at her cute little face and see that she looks happy and healthy. It’s fun to watch her fall asleep, because she doesn’t just close her eyes and give in. She tries really hard to keep them open, even when she’s so sleepy that her eyes roll back in her head. It’s so cute that I thought I’d share a video of sleepy River with all of you. This video also includes one of her sweet smiles. She does smile when she feels especially happy, but it’ll probably be another month or so before she starts smiling in a social, deliberate way.


4 Responses to “We must be doing something right”

  1. Melinda Says:

    That video is SO cute!
    I also love how you call them “baby-wrangling” skills. Ben has been calling them by the same name for awhile now.
    She must be happy to be out and home with you and Darren and your helpers. I’m glad she is growing and gaining so well. Way to go Mama and Daddy!

  2. Nicole Says:

    That video cracks me up. Sleep is for the puny! We can fend it off forever!

    She already looks so different than when she was born. I sue for more photos and videos, please!

  3. Jen Says:

    So adorable you two! Love the video. So much better than a few pics.

    Someone gave me a great suggestion, but we didn’t have a video camera. It was to take 20 seconds of video every day (or so) for the first year. Then you could play it at the kid’s 1 year birthday party and literally watch them grow throughout their first year. Think it’d be cool to see.

  4. dmitri Says:

    Fight it River! Stay awake!

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