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Holy crap, we have a baby!

Full term! March 22, 2009

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Now that I’m at 37 weeks, River is technically full term. If she was born tomorrow, she wouldn’t be premature! Wow.

Here is the latest belly picture. It’s actually a week old, but you can safely assume I still look about the same:
so big!

Check it out, the kiddo has a carseat, along with a beautiful blanket, handknit by Heather, that matches perfectly!

I spent most of last week on a kitchen mission. The mission was to start filling the freezer with meals so that it’ll be easy to keep ourselves fed after River is born. The kitchen looked about like this for most of the week:
busy kitchen

I made large amounts of black bean soup and three pans of lasagna, two of which went into the freezer. We ate the other one. Yum!

And an update on the last post: I’ve been doing my inversion exercises and have been to the chiropractor twice already and am going again on Monday and Tuesday. It’s funny how none of the things I’m supposed to do to try to turn the baby are actually very fun or even comfortable. I keep obsessively poking my belly to try to figure out whether she’s turned already, but I can’t tell. Oh well, I’ll find out Tuesday at the next appointment.


One Response to “Full term!”

  1. Melinda Says:

    Kristin, you look great!
    I’m still crossing my fingers for you that River is head down.

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