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Starting to get kind of nesty January 10, 2009

Filed under: nursery,Pregnancy is weird — My Athletic Life @ 11:42 pm

So I think I’m starting to experience the “nesting urges” that you’re supposed to get while pregnant. Organizing the baby’s room and getting all the things we still need is incredibly appealing these days–it was really hard for me to wait for Darren before starting to sort and put away all the stuff we got over Christmas. It was like the collection of objects stacked in the crib was emitting a siren song: “Put us away! Don’t you want to come in here and sort through us? It’ll be awesome! You don’t need to wait for Darren, even though you promised you would! Come on…”

Also, cooking is so much fun right now! I spent several hours in the kitchen today making a huge batch of seitan (most of which went into the freezer to be used in future meals), a potpie, and cookies. Then I wasn’t even done eating dinner before I started looking forward to what I’m going to make for dinner tomorrow. Somehow, pulling random things out of the pantry and freezer and using them to make something delicious is the awesomest thing ever. It’s much more satisfying if it’s just stuff you have lying around that would have gone to waste without your smart and inspired idea to make something with it. Apparently thrift is a good seasoning, or something.

It feels reassuring on some kind of primal biological level to see that we will be able to provide for our child. The concrete evidence is stacking up (nursery that contains actual furniture and clothing for the child, kitchen full of thrifty and nutritious food). It’s very comforting.


2 Responses to “Starting to get kind of nesty”

  1. Melinda Says:

    I completely agree with the nesting urges. Mine involve reorganizing things that have been sitting around forever (and would be destroyed in minutes with a toddler) and finishing house projects that have also sat for too long. Everything I’m doing is in preparation for the baby. Ben is in charge of the kitchen for now (which is scary if you’ve ever tried his hobo slumgullion). Thankfully he’s been feeding me things I like, but the heartburn or lack of appetite has been a barrier.

  2. Kristin Says:

    My appetite hasn’t been lacking, but I hear you on the heartburn. Yuck! I never thought I would consume so many Tums.

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