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Holy crap, we have a baby!

The baby has acquired a room, and furniture January 4, 2009

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We’re starting to make a lot of the practical preparations that will need to get done before the baby is born. A couple of weeks ago, we moved bookcases around in the library/meditation room so that it could become the library/meditation room/guest room. We moved the futon in there and cleared the other furniture out of the former guest room so it could become the baby’s room. And thanks to the help and generosity of our families, the baby’s room is now getting filled with the baby’s stuff.

The baby now has a crib. (Thanks, Joel and Jen and Gillian!)

She also now has a dresser/changing table and a bookcase. Grandpa Mike and Grandma Jamie picked them up at Ikea in Michigan for us and hauled them out here in their Suburban. Then they even helped us put them together. (Thanks so much, guys!) I didn’t get any action shots of the dresser being put together, largely because I had a screwdriver in my hand at the time instead of a camera, but I did get to supervise Darren and Mike putting together the bookcase. Rook also supervised:
Rook is the supervisor

And for those who haven’t seen me recently, yes, I am continuing to expand:
belly at 26 weeks

The baby likes to wake up early in the morning and do somersaults. She is getting noticeably stronger, and the other day she was moving so vigorously that I was picturing her being like the Incredible Hulk, smashing her fist down on my insides and saying, “Hulk smash!”


3 Responses to “The baby has acquired a room, and furniture”

  1. iclone Says:

    Hey! That’s me in that photo on the baby’s wall! If it stays, she can look at Auntie Nicole every morning!

  2. iclone Says:

    P.S. You look great! Totally gorgeous!

  3. Kristin Says:

    I already moved the photo, because that’s where the bookcase is now. It’ll probably go back up in the new guest room. If it makes you feel better, in addition to buying the kiddo some clothes that have robots on them, we’re also planning on decorating her room with sock monkey stuff, so you and she will have plenty of interests in common. 🙂

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