Dispatches from Babyville

Holy crap, we have a baby!

Finally starting to look like there’s a baby in there… November 20, 2008

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baby belly

Still not as impressive as Darren’s though… 🙂


7 Responses to “Finally starting to look like there’s a baby in there…”

  1. Josh Says:

    I’m just commenting to be the first one to do so on this post. I am king of Awesometown.

    Seriously, though, I’m buying you a Santa costume. You’re going to be great at it. You’re got the belly; all you need now is a bad attitude, a drinking habit, and a very, very short friend. Oh, and to get caught making out with women in the “Three TImes a Lady” section.

    Also: Dirty Butter.

  2. Melinda Says:

    I think your belly is pretty great. To be fair, Darren doesn’t have breasts to offset the whole look of the profile.

  3. Nicole Says:

    Woo! Belly!

  4. Kristin Says:

    Thanks, ladies. I’m enjoying the belly so far, just wondering exactly how gigantic I will get before the little one is ready to come out. 🙂

    Josh, I already take great delight in telling Darren he smells like a bum’s nutsack (only when he really does though!), so being Bad Santa might not be as much of a stretch as you’d think. I can manage a bad attitude, and Liam can be my very short friend. A resounding “no” to the drinking habit and adventures in the plus size section though.

    I do think that a viewing of Bad Santa at Christmas this year is called for, but only if we can do it without offending the tender ears of the family members over 40 or under 5.

  5. Jen Says:


    I’m sure Liam would love to dress up in a little green and red outfit for you. If not, then Gilli would.

    Who’s bringing Bad Santa? That’s one we actually don’t have!

    I’m a little disturbed, and yet also oddly curious, as to how you know what a bum’s nutsack smells like….

    Can’t wait to get a look at that belly first hand!

  6. Jamie Says:

    Kristin, you look beautiful.

  7. Libby Says:

    It’s a baby belly! Whoo-hoo! You look lovely. Can’t wait to see you in just a few more weeks!

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