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Our first midwife appointment August 29, 2008

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Yesterday we went in for our first prenatal appointment. So far everything seems to be going well, and filling out all the forms for the first appointment made me realize again just how healthy and low-risk we are. We’re going back in two weeks for the first ultrasound to measure the baby and make sure there’s only one hanging out in there!

Our midwife, Sharon, seems awesome and has a great reputation. She didn’t freak out about the fact that we don’t eat meat, which for a medical person always wins points with me. The practice we’re going to has a great reputation for low levels of intervention and a lot of respect for how you want your labor to be. It’s one doctor and one midwife, and they’ll have another doctor and midwife joining the practice this fall. I’m excited to work with a midwife because they have the philosophy that pregnancy and birth are normal physiological processes, not complications waiting to happen. Midwives also spend much more time in the room with you while you’re in labor instead of just coming in to catch the baby. Studies show that women who have continuous support during labor have shorter labors with less likelihood of complications, so that’s definitely good.

The hospital where we’ll go to have the baby sounds great. You can labor in a birthing pool, which is supposed to be great for pain relief, and as long as there aren’t any major problems, the baby stays with you in the same room instead of being taken away to a nursery. Sharon is also working on possibly getting the hospital to allow waterbirths (where you actually give birth in the pool rather than having to get out of the tub when the baby is coming out–totally safe for the baby since the umbilical cord is still delivering oxygen), so maybe by the time our little one arrives we’ll have that option.

Overall I think we’ve got about the best possible arrangement for prenatal care and birthing. And in two weeks we should have the first baby pictures for everyone to look at!


One Response to “Our first midwife appointment”

  1. Nicole Says:

    Yay for midwives! She sounds great.

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